Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

I placed an international order (I'm at Monterrey, Mexico, I live like 4-5 hrs from Texas).

My order was processed on 04/10 but as today 06/18 haven ' t received. I've sent so far 4 e-mails with no answer.

I decided to call them and they tell me that unfortunately, since is an International order, no tracking number was provided... what? First they told me to wait 20 business days. I waited. Then they told me to wait 45 days. I waited. After this, they told me to wait 2 months and a half (due date 06/25). As of today 06/30, the order haven´t arrived and they haven´t answered any of my past 6 mails.

I understand that due customs the order can get delayed but I can ' t believe there is no way to track the order, what if it is already lost or delivered to someone else? I have to wait 4-5 months so they're going to tell me to wait another couple months? I was surprised they only charged $6 for the shipping and handling, however, I wouldn't mind paying $39 for s&h like on ebgames and receive my order on 3 days THATS RIGHT, on ebgames I received my international order on 3 days.

If you are an international customer beware (specially if you live overseas).

Disappointed customer.

Monetary Loss: $57.

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