Stockton, California
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eStarland contacted me about an ad that I had placed on Craig's list. I was selling wholesale through a drop shipper. They wanted to buy all I had. We are not talking about one game but several.

After the items were dropped shipped to them from China, they took around two weeks to go through the entire shipment. We kept asking for an update, none came until after the jobber we were dealing with paid the seller. Two days later eStarland said that they were returning the merchandise because it was not in English.

They could have told me up front with the first game but did not. They have given me no information about the return so that I can verify that they actually did so that I can contact the jobber to see where I go from here.

As far as I know, they kept the games and I am out thousands, yes, thousands of dollars. They have given me nothing to prove otherwise.

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My comment starkly contrasts the original comment. I have had many transactions with estarland, both purchases and trade-ins.

I found their services to be excellent. Products sent to me were in excellent condition and were received quickly.

If you don't like the trade-in value that they offer, go another route like Gamestop or ebay. I also had an instance to contact their customer service, and was satisfied with their interaction and response.


I used to deal with, but not anymore. I did a few tradeins with them, and was left unsatisfied.

My last transaction they screwed me majorly, the last straw. I believe I got half the tradein value in the end.

I BBB them, and was about to go though the hassle of taking them to small claims court, but they credited me back partially. Bad company, unresponsive, shouldnt be in retail.