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First of all, I feel very bummed writing this because I've been a costumer for a long time and I always prefer Estarland over gamestop or amazon. I recommended the company several times to friends in the past, but things seem to be changing. I always had good trade in experiences with them until recently. I shipped two trade in orders on the same day, one with a Dreamcast and another one with a PS2 and all my PS2 game collection. After a really... Read more

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I've been shopping estarland for about a year and a half now and other then one instance when I came into the store with a rather large ($300+) transaction of games I wanted to sell I love it. After being told by a new (and yes, rather air headed) employee who promised me a manager who would be able to handle it within the hour was told 3 hours later said manager decided not to come in that day. I opted for a check to be mailed to me the next... Read more

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I keep reading all these complaints about estarland but i have a different story .i have been dealing with for about a year and they always ship my orders in a timely fashion, they are also package very well.i also will say that i had a few things go wrong, but they always took care of it .i would say there costumer service is great they do everything they can to make things right.i will continue to do business with them in the future most of... Read more

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I live near eStarlands retail location and use to shop there all the time. After a while I noticed the people that use to work there left and they were replaced by space cadet dorks. I bought and original Xbox game. When I opened it it was the wrong game. The location is not very pleasant and the folks there aren't that nice. EStarland is owned by Connected Wire Inc. When I looked this up I could not find this much about Connected Wire Inc. It... Read more

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Estarland - Do not trade things in
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Their website states that when you request a cash-out on your trade-in (70% cash from the credit), that it will take 4-6 weeks to process and send to you via PayPal. It's been over six weeks now, and I still haven't received my money. On the final day of the six week period, the customer service rep informed me that I would receive my money that day. I didn't. They're dancing around it and are very shady. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. It's... Read more

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I had to learn the hard way about this company. They seem okay as long as your are buying from them. But never trade in your consoles or they will rip you off! I traded in several consoles to this company and they took 5 weeks to give me credit. Plus after a whole month went by ... i got pissed and threaten them with a legal action. Finally they got scared and sent me my trade in credit. I recommend never trading in your video game systems to... Read more

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I've been waiting on a cash out for nearly 4 weeks. Original processing was 1-2 weeks. I called after 2 weeks, and got a response saying they were working on it and would send it out immediately. Fast forward 4 days, same response. The following week, same dialogue. I call back today and ask to speak with the head of the department, and she pretends to put me on hold while she looks for him, but lies and says "he's usually in a meeting at... Read more

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I have so far completed 4 orders with eStarland. My deliveries are always fast, the products are all clean and in great condition, and their selection and prices cannot be beat for retro games. My products arrive well packed and each item is sealed, presumably after they clean them, not even a bit of dust is on anything. I've purchased retro games from some local retailers and occasionally get something that doesn't work or is scratched up yet... Read more

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What a bunch of ***. Their inventory, prices, and quality of merchandise is so *** good and better than any other retro game store. Seriously. I went to their store, bought some insanely awesome and hardcore games like Mega Man and Contra, and all of a sudden I was a bajillion times manlier. I grew a full beard right there on the spot, my biceps grew to the size of grapefruits and the hair on my chest is like steel wool. Jesus Christ monkey... Read more

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I placed an international order (I'm at Monterrey, Mexico, I live like 4-5 hrs from Texas). My order was processed on 04/10 but as today 06/18 haven ' t received. I've sent so far 4 e-mails with no answer. I decided to call them and they tell me that unfortunately, since is an International order, no tracking number was provided... what? First they told me to wait 20 business days. I waited. Then they told me to wait 45 days. I... Read more

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